Putnam County Florida Vacant Land

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Hey guys, 

I purchased 0.2 acres (double lot) of residential property in Putnam County Florida during the housing crash in 08-09 for $1200ish. Value went from 4.5K-> 2.5K and been paying $50-60 per year in taxes. I have recieved multiple offers this year from land flippers from $700-$1200.  I'm on the fense to just let go of this or keep holding on. No plans to build on the land for the foreseeable future. 

@Yechiel W.

I’m a land flipper. I have conversations like this with people every. Single. Day.

You COULD make more by selling it yourself. The typical scenario is that someone lists with a realtor. The realtor isn't going to make much on it, so they list high. The realtor isn't super motivated to do much more than throw it out on the MLS or follow up in the junky leads that they get asking if the owner will finance. The seller hears virtually nothing from the realtor, because again, the realtor doesn't care about a $2500 sale.

1 of 2 things usually happen.

1.Seller decides to drop the price aggressively because they are sick of waiting for a sale and they want to be done. They see very little return after dropping the price, paying the agent fee, and paying closing costs.

2. The seller calls me back when their listing agreement expires and we cash them out quickly.

Your situation may be different, but it’s probably pretty similar. Feel free to reach out to me if I can answer any questions.