Can an LLC get a HELOC on a house it has title to?

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Can an LLC get a credit line like a residential HELOC based on home equity? I would like to be able eventually to pay down the regular mortgages but be able to access the equity in the properties owned by the LLC perhaps for down payments on other houses.

Hi @Ed Goble , good news here: it sure can! You'll not see the Loan To Value limit of the HELOC go as high on an investment property as it would on your personal home, but it's possible and a great way to fund additional purchases of performing investment properties.

HELOC on primary residence lender pool has shrunk due to COVID uncertainties.

HELOC on investment properties were more difficult to find and are even harder now.

HELOC on investment properties held by an LLC are even more difficult to find but do exist. Expect a higher APR and a lower LTV. Some will only accept first position lien, while other will accept second. Some will only accept single member LLC where you are the single member, other will accept multi-member. Expect to contact a lot banks before finding the right one. Try as many local banks or credit union, they are your best bet.