Best ways to list rental properties in Atlanta

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Hi all,

we just bought our first rental property (SFH in Tucker). I know there are a ton of sites/places to list the property but wanted to see if any are better then others in this communities experience. Examples I have looked at are Zillow, Zumper,, and others.

If any of you have positive experiences with affordable property management tools, thats greatly appreciated as well (i.e. online applications, tenant background checks, etc.)

Hey @Riaz Salehbhai , check out Cozy (it works great and is free). It should have what you need. Also - some of the paid software though will send out your listing to all those listing sites as part of the PM software service.

@Riaz Salehbhai

Zillow is best but just started charging a few months ago $9.99/week. Best leads in Atlanta to me. Cozy is great for receiving rent and was just purchased by so I suspect they will start charging. My guess will try to beef up their SFR rentals. Cozy listings show up on, but for every 50 leads I get on Zillow I get 1 on Cozy. Tucker is a hot market now for flips

Hi @Riaz Salehbhai !

BiggerPockets has a landlord resources tab. You can find the landlord resources tab by hovering over the "tools" bar and clicking "Landlord Resources". Some of the companies on the resources page offer free forms and other resources for landlords.

On that same Landlord Resources page there list of recommended companies for tenant screening. I would recommend doing your research and picking the company that best fits your screening needs.

Best of luck! :) I'm a big fan, we have 8 rental units and wouldn't know what to do without it. It's super affordable and they syndicate the listing to like 10 or more websites. I normally get at least 20 leads in the first 48 hours. You can also draft your lease on their website and collect rent online. It's a sweet deal. Enjoy! Kevin

I've used zillow, craigslist and facebook. The last turnover I just used facebook and was successful in placing a tenant. I have a property coming available this week and I'll probably use Facebook again for that. I think that Zillow is good but don't want to pay the fees if they're not required. From my observations, people looking for housing scour lots of sites so by excluding a few venues, it doesn't mean you won't still reach those prospects.

With a website like Facebook, most people are already spending time here every day, so there’s a great opportunity to catch the attention of buyers/renters through a different (and hugely popular) avenue of the internet.