Foreclosure Completed...Should I evict?

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In 2015-2017 I purchased a bunch of tax liens. For the first time, I had one of the liens not paid off after 3 years. I started the foreclosure process earlier this year and it was just completed and the title was switched into my name.

I live in CA so I sent over someone to check out the property and look into changing the locks. It turns out the property is still occupied by the previous owners.

I'd like to ask the BP community for recommendations on what they think would be the best course of action in regards to this property. I don't have a strong preference for either selling or renting the house.

Some thoughts/questions I had:

- Would you recommend I try to evict the people living there?
- Could I sell something like this on
- Should I see if the previous owner would be willing to sign a lease and start paying rent?
- Am I allowed to contact the previous owner directly? Should I try to hire a lawyer to do this for me?
The property is in Pinal County, AZ. I called a few property managers and most were not interested in taking on management of this property.

Any insights are greatly appreciated!


Yes, you should start the eviction process. Based on what you've shared, I highly recommend you hire an attorney that specializes in evictions.

although eviction is probably were you end up..  I would try to talk to the folks.. you never know they may willingly pay rent sign a lease and stay on..  OR they may just continue their current trend of not paying and living there for free basically.
Have a realtor at least do a drive by and snap some photos etc..  see what you got..

You may wish to consult with someone versed in AZ foreclosure law as knowing your rights in this situation should help you decide on the optimal course of action.  The fact that the former owners were still occupying the property took you by surprise.  Could it be that they failed to receive proper notice of the foreclosure action and, thus, may still be able to assert some kind of redemption right?  There's probably a dozen such questions a local lawyer could help you answer.