Landlord provides window curtains?

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Sorry to be asking a dumb question here, should landlord provide window curtains?

I am asking because I am got rid of some old blinds and put in new curtain rods... But now I am thinking who knows what future tenant likes? Should I provide curtains but then tenant comes in and dislike what I picked?

I don't have any curtains in my units, and those might be more taste-specific since they can come in various colors/patterns/material.  However, I do provide window coverings (blinds) in all of my properties.  

I would think it would unusual to make the tenant purchase something like that.  And I'm guessing they would have to purchase them because it's not likely they would already have curtains (or any window coverings) to fit the exact number/size of windows in each rental they move into.

Just my two cents.  

Hey @Diane G. , I would provide some sort of window covering for the future tenants who will live there. I'd pick curtains that aren't too expensive in a neutral color that will look good with most furniture/other colors. If the tenants don't like the curtains you provide, then they can choose to spend their own money to get other curtains. 

I provide shades in all windows but never blinds. Sounds like a headache between complaints of the color/style, additional cost, having to replace them between tenants if they get damaged or worn. Home Depot and Lowes sell inexpensive shades that fit standard windows and also cut to fit shades to custom sizes for free. You're talking under $10 per window 

I provide the hardware for curtains but not he curtains themselves. I have found this minimizes the holes left after the tenant leaves and of course allows the tenant to pick their own to their taste. 

I have hardware and they supply their own curtains.  

I let them put up shades or blinds if they want.  I don't do the shades/blinds myself anymore as I am tired of the request for new ones because the dog/cat/kid/visitor bent them or pulled them down and now they can not get them up.

I have window blinds in my rentals. You may provide the curtain rod but not the curtain itself. Everyone has a different taste when it comes to curtain colors and patterns.

I agree with the comments above. But if you decide to buy them yourself, choose neutral color - or something that blends well with the wall.

@Diane G.

I provide the cheap vinyl mini blinds.

You might also provide curtain rods so the tenant doesn’t damage your trim.

Let them pick their own curtains.

Our housing codes says we must supply shades or blinds in bathrooms and bedrooms so that is what we do. If I have a neutral curtain sometimes we supply that.  Honestly I don't think the tenants or most landlords know that so we could do without but it saves me the holes in the wall.  In living rooms I put a curtain rod because I have had tenants put their rod into beautiful antique woodwork. If you do curtains white or off white and list them on the move in checklist.

I have them in my places.  For one where I have curtains, they've disappeared with the last two tenants. I just pick up some nice ones at the thrift store. If they don't like them, they can take them down, put up their own ones and when they move out, put mine back up.

I put those 2" faux-wood vinyl blinds in all the big windows, nobody has torn them up yet. I don't put up curtains, they can buy their own if they want (most of my younger tenants don't even bother). 

A few of my rentals have those little windows in the bathrooms - those get privacy window film and a small neutral curtain.

I've always provided miniblinds, but enough tenants have taken them down that I'm questioning the wisdom. I've never provided curtains, though several tenants have left them up when they've gone. I find whatever I do, or a previous tenant has done, the next tenant wants something different, no matter how many holes it leaves....

I provide blinds in my rentals and never curtains. I also have verbiage in my lease that prevents tenants from nailing sheets to the walls as well (not sure if that is an issue in your area but in my area a lot of renters put "make shift" curtains up which are just old bedsheets and it is not a good look for the building).