Corporate Rental HELP NEEDED

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We have about 30 units in the Indianapolis area and we’re lookkng to use our rentals that we obtain in the future for corporate rentals.

Does anyone have any information about who specializes on this strategy in Indianapolis ? 

Hey @Omari Heflin , I did furnished short term corporate housing back in 2009 before Airbnb and short term rentals were a thing.  I used a company called Corporate Housing by Owner to advertise it.  Honestly, I didn't get much traction from them, it mostly came from me posting on Craigslist.  I know my info is a little dated but I hope it helps. 

@Brad Hammond

Thank you Brad, I appreciate your feedback. You recommend just placing ads on Craigslist ? I’m assuming corporate companies just reached out to you and you went from there ?

Did they also explain how they wanted to properties furnished ?

Corporate Housing By Owner (CHBO) is a listing marketplace where people looking for housing can search on their site.  I would post on Craigslist because it's free but Facebook Marketplace is starting to become the new Craigslist so try that platform as well.  I would also suggest all the short term rental companies as well (Airbnb, etc).

I had a few corporate customers but a lot of the people who rented were just normal people who needed short term furnished rentals for one reason or another.  You should also look into travel nurses depending on the location. 

The renters didn't have a say in how they wanted it furnished.  However I had it furnished is how it was.  

@Justin Polston

Yes they’re definitely something the corporates would want



Master suite


2 car gar


Just looking to gain some knowledge on the marketing piece of it and dealing with corporate clientele.

@Omari Heflin

My experience has been it's not what you know but who you know. Not necessarily marketing but making direct connections to the companies or factories. Timing is everything too.

A lot of what we deal with where I am is longer term, initially staged or furnished to an extent. Actually moving away from single family to more of a condo structure setting.