Hi all,

Sorry for the 'noob' account, I don't use this forum often, but I listen to all the podcasts and think this could be a great opportunity for a lot of savvy investors in NJ that are looking to make extra income on their properties. I'm currently a very new investor in real estate; I have done 4 flips in the NJ area around Newark and Irvington and am about to try to 1031 my first property flip into another long term rental.

Besides the property aspirations, I've been pursuing building out a network of Helium hotspots in the NJ area. To give a quick rundown, a Helium hotspot is a hotspot for IoT (internet of things) devices. It utilizes an internet connection and a power supply to give an access point for local devices to use, like traffic signals, Lime Scooters, smart dog collars, bike GPS trackers, etc. The hotspots use a proprietary network created by Helium called 'LongFi'. If the hotspots are placed in high or very 'triangulated' locations, they can perform exceptionally well. Every time a device connects to a hotspot, or another hotspot nearby 'witnesses' the hotspot, it mines Helium's token 'HNT'.

I have just ordered another large batch recently. I would love to see if anyone in the NJ area is interested in partnering with me on expanding the Helium network, specifically rental property owners or owners of large building developments in metropolitan areas. 

I currently have 27 placed in the local Jersey City area and have been on a steady incline that has provided a very nice steady source of income. If this interests anyone, or if anyone has any questions or concerns, I'd be happy to answer!

Thanks so much, excited to see what everyone thinks!