Foundation issue due to water leak

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We have a rental property in SanAntonio suburbs and the foundation is sinking.   Its very possible that the foundation shift happened due to water leak under the toilet seat - and our insurance covers (should) that scenario. However, at the moment, Insurance company is denying the claim. Are there any attorney's on the thread (or references) that can help us fight this case? 


@Nitin Shrawagi  I'm no attorney but i came across same topic before here in BP forums, and was told it was a chronic/gradual water damage issue such as ignored pipe problems causing slow seepage over time will typically not be covered regardless of the cause.

But let's hope someone here can help you. 


Water leak under the toilet seat? You must mean water leaking from the tank. What kind of foundation? You'd have to have one hell of a leak for a very long time to wash out enough soil to compromise a foundation.