Currently own SFH, but no small apartments. Would like to expand if the deal makes sense, but Long Island is tough. Lookg ing at these numbers with an asking price of $1.3 million, current owner has owned for 5 years and purchased for $870k. I think its a bit over priced, but again I'm use to analyzing SFH and smaller units comparison to a small apartment building. Looking for some feedback.

Annual Income: $114,060.00

Store: $2200

Apt. A: $1500

Apt. B: $1425

Apt. C: $1365

Apt. D: $1675

Apt. E: $1340

Average Expenses : $33,700

Taxes: $19,000

Electric: $4,800

Heating Oil: $4,600
Water: $600
Insurance: $4,700

New Boiler
New Oil Tanks
Certified fill of old in ground oil tank
New Fire Alarm Panel
New Circuit breaker panels
New PSEG Meters