Carpenter/ Handyman in RI

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Not sure why I've waited so long to post this or why I didn't think of it sooner, but I guess I was just focusing on MY deals and MY team. I joined BP a few years ago but recently made the commitment to become a premium member and I'm motivated to get back into investing and sales. 

Anyway, this post is regarding my dad who is an amazing carpenter and handyman in Rhode Island. He's helped me renovate a duplex that I bought and sold in Malden, MA as well as renovate a couple of the units on a 3 family I purchased on Federal Hill in Providence. He's been in construction for over 30 years and really knows his stuff. 

My goal with investing in rental properties is to replace my W2 income so I can focus on deals full time as well as real estate sales (I am licensed in RI and MA). My somewhat retirement plan for my dad is to buy enough properties that he can manage and fix up as needed.

So in rejoining BP a few weeks ago and really enjoying the interaction with fellow investors, agents, etc., I figured I'd pass along this great resource, my dad, to others who could use his services in the area. 

He's pretty much a "one man shop" so he probably can't take anything on too big, but if it's anything to do with rough carpentry, finish carpentry, finished basements, decks, painting, flooring, and even some basic plumbing (fixture replacements) or electrical (outlets, light fixtures), then he could be the guy you're looking for. He's definitely an old timer, doesn't use a computer and would usually operate on a handshake (which I'm working on getting him more official... and we can't shake hands anymore).

Anyway, feel free to reach out if you think you could use someone like him to do some work on your rental portfolio or if you could use some help on a smaller flip.