Lease agreement Ontario

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Hello landlords!

Im just getting my lease ready for new tenants. In Ontario they recommend we use the lease the government provides for us. It's called the residential tenancy agreement. I'm just looking for some things I should add to this agreement.... what are some problems you have had in the past that I can add to my lease to prevent them from happening again.

Thanks hope to hear some good pointers

You won't get many answers because it's too generic a question.

Go to google and search "residential lease agreement" and you'll literally find hundreds of agreements you can review to see if there are any clauses you may want to incorporate.

After you've found things you want to add to your lease, have it reviewed by an attorney to ensure it meets your local law requirements.

Hello Jeremy. Make sure changes or additions that you're planning to add to rental agreement will have legal power & can be dispute in the court if needed. Highly recommend to consult & have a written confirmation from real estate lawyer. Otherwise your tennants will ignore whatever you add to standard form. Unfortunately in Canada system isn't protecting landlords & tennants equally fair.