Favorite Rental Property Features

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What are your favorite or "must have's in your rental property rehabs?

A few for me:

• No paint sheen below satin. Must have semi gloss in bathrooms and kitchen.

• No carpeting. Hardwood or strong vinyl only.

• Quality countertops, i.e. quartz

Fences to me are a must. I rent SFH in B+-A- areas and get much more interest when there is a fence to the point it is something I ideally get with the house or budget to build. I prefer to rent to tenants with dogs as I get 30/dog and an additional 600 security deposit and people with dogs as well as younger children like fences. I also feel people are more likely to let the dogs out if they physically don't have to go out so there are fewer accidents. Coincidentally when my wife and I got our house we were pricing fences before we moved in and is great for both dogs and our young kids. I feel it pays for itself and is something that sets us apart from some of our competition shortening vacancy and raising profits.

@Nick Tenge

Hi Nick.

Dedicated laundry is a big draw for tenants. Stackables work well in small spaces. Private fenced yard is another highly desired feature. I’ve also used a surface refinisher for the bathroom and kitchen counters. For about $600 it looks like a brand new bathroom.

For me it really depends on the house.  Many of my rentals were built in the early 1900's and I like to rehab the house to take advantage of its historical features.  Each one is different.

@Nick Tenge Well done vinyl siding and eves, or all brick with vinyl eves is a big money saver on future maintenance! Being near the front of the neighborhood is better - less chance to have to drive by poorly maintained homes! Simple yard with no trees close to the house also saves on maintenance.