What caused these scars on the toilet seat cover?

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I wonder what caused the toilet seat cover to have scars like this.  Heat?  Tenant said it's bad quality plastic.

Hey Sam,

Could be bad quality plastic but it looks more like bad quality tenant! 

Personally I haven't seen something like that before. 

Looks like it's melted.  If I had to guess I would say a curling iron.  Good news is, this is a very inexpensive repair.

Curling iron @Sam Leon . Get a new one at HD for $20 with the soft close. Amazing difference over "SLAM!" lol.

Could also be a weirdly shaped candle, I guess. I'll go with "curling iron" for one dollar, please. :)

Ha!  I was typing hot iron in line with all the above.  I have seen this many times.  It is usually because there is just a sink and no surrounding area to put a curling iron whilst hot and needs to be set down. 

I had a good laugh at "bad quality plastic"!

It's a diversion.  While you and all us are looking at your $15 toilet seat, the real problems are going unnoticed.   

Bet they're sticking you with a $300 utility bill.  But let's focus on the toilet seat. 

Don't replace until new tenant. Then charge old tenant. On a side note, I tend to change out toilet seats between each tenant (not necessarily charging old tenant). First, the new ones look great and appears like you've replaced the entire toilet. Second, toilet seats are gross. 

@Sam Leon I prefer the wood toilet seats over the plastic ones. The wood doesn't crack or melt, although melting shouldn't be an issue because you shouldn't put a flat iron on plastic. That being said, if the bathroom lacks counter space, the tenant was just looking for a place to set the iron. They may have done it on wood seats or the porcelain back part in the past and would not have had issues. My point is although it is the tenants fault, it is hardly the dumbest thing anyone has ever done. A seat cover costs $20 so not really worth worrying about.