Ways to obtain capital in the name of LLC for new business.

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My wife and I are in our first year of investing and started purchasing property in AL in June 2020 and now have 5 single family homes and are mostly utilizing the BRRRR strategy to hold our properties as rentals. We are looking to purchase 10-15 units in the next year in AL and TN with a combo of SFRs and multifamily homes. We are currently moving all of our business operations out of my personal name and into the LLC (business bank account, mortgages, titles, etc) which was formed in 10/2020. This makes the most sense for us to do this early for liability protection.

We have been using a HELOC and hard money lenders to fund our purchases and rehabs. I would like to decrease our dependence on the HELOC to not expose my primary residence to this risk. I have been researching and speaking with multiple lenders about obtaining a business line of credit but it's difficult to qualify for one when...

1) We have too many credit inquiries from multiple loan applications (I'm in the process of trying to have those inquires removed with a company)

2) Our business is too new (less than a year old) and we don't have an established business credit history yet.  

3) Our business does not generate enough income yet (usually need 8-10K in profit a month to qualify)

Does anyone have any advice on how to move forward with obtaining a business lines of credit or working with a local bank or credit union as a new business to fund deals? I'm looking to open accounts only in the name of our LLC at this point. Any help would be much appreciated.

@Vu Nguyen

Open a credit card in the LLC's name. Seems like they're giving them out like candy right now. You can also open some other small lines of credit with retailers. Uline is a popular one- just use it to buy stuff you're buying anyway.

@Vu Nguyen I am in the same boat myself as I have had to many inquiries as of late so my credit has dipped. My initial idea was to wait out the inquiries and then try again but what company are you using to take care of these in a quicker fashion? They are really just speeding up the process in a sense so do you know what they charge?

@Nate Bell

Thanks for the suggestion.  We have looked into opening business credit cards and we have run into the issue of having too many credit inquires.  I think we will just have to work with the capital that we have and wait it out until the inquiries become 6 months old which is the timeframe that many lenders/credit card companies are looking for.  

@Ben Bolin

I've spoken to Seek Business Capital which was going to charge me about 6K to apply for and get a 100K line in business credit cards. Chris Teti at MB Capital Solutions has been very helpful in sitting down and talking through strategies and setting up an individualized plan to try to remove some of the inquiries and to be able to apply for business credit cards with a better chance of success. From what I'm told, many credit card companies deny applications if there are more than 2 hard inquiries in the past 6 months. I've started the process of contacting the credit bureaus with their instructions but have not had much success with getting those inquiries removed yet. Jamie at Ivanhoe Capital Advisors offers a similar service as well as a number of other options for loans as a commercial/private lender. It may be best for me at this point to be patient and wait it out the next 6 months and continue to use just use the capital that I have to continue to BRRRR properties.

Hello Vu,

Regarding your refinances, have you considered using an asset-based non-conventional lender? While interest rates are going to be higher, you'll also have a much simplified underwriting process that focuses on the property cash-flow rather than personal or business income. Generally, you'll see interest rates in the mid-5s for a 75% LTV cash-out with no seasoning.
I'll message you to follow up.