Smoke Odor - How to Get Rid of it (in apartment)

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Smoke odor in an apartment - would appreciate opinions, recommendations, some magic spray or powder you've used, any ideas to eliminate the odor.

(It was tobacco smoke, just to be clear.)

Thanks in advance for your recommendations.


I have looked for magic sprays and powders, have used herbal concoction sprays, , expensive ionizers, etc.

These days I use oil based CoverStain, primer by zinnsser, available at your local home depot or lowes.

Reccomendation was from local fire restoration company , best one I have found.

Also works great on most any stains that need covered, we use it as our primer on old trin that tends to bleed through most primers.

Hey Old Friend!

Cheap way: industrial sized spray bottle of Frbreeze (sp?). You may need to pull all of the carpets also.

Expensive way: there is a paint brand that will cover odors, and you must first wash the walls.

I will go get my coveralls and come over to help you,


Thanks so much, everyone, this is great.


Why not just rent to another smoker??

Ad could read (move in ready, just bring the cigarettes!) lol

I just did a house with this issue. I had the carpet pulled and the walls and ceiling washed down (the guy used bleach which I questioned but worked great), primed with Cover Stain, and top coated with Behr Ultra paint. It looks fantastic, nothing has bled through and the smell is gone (it went from pet and smoke odor to bleach to oil paint fumes to a freshly painted house in a matter of days.) You can use a Shellac base primer which should encapsulate the staining AND odor (Cover Stain just covers the stain not odor) but you should really wash the walls down with at least a TSP substitute prior to priming and painting to ensure a good bond. Good luck.

Paint the interior with oil based exterior paint. After that you won't even notice the tobacco smoke. >-)

house nearby was listed high
stank of cigar smoke & basement had that stale beer stench.
sold to an elderly smoker @ full price???

we bought one that they smoked in for 45 years.
we removed all the floor coverings etc & painted/sealed all the surfaces with shellac. it worked!!
Thankfully it didn't have forced air, so the ductwork didn't need cleaning.

i am a Realtor and we have people coming to our office to present their services all the time, and we had someone come in and tell us about a process they use to clean mold and odors, specifically smoke with machines using hydrogen peroxide.

They are called Biosweep and I believe they operate nationally. It sounded very good, but I have not personally tried it.

Here's what you do: 1. go on ebay & get an ozone machine for about $100. 2. Seal the rooms 3. Put a moving fan on there to spread it out with a timer overnight. 4. Continue with the next room.

Make sure no pets or plants are in'll kill it.

@Scott W.

Hi Scott, How well does the ozone machine work?

Would it work on Curry?

Best Regards.

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