Hello and good afternoon everybody, I am just starting in rental investing. My bussiness partner has 3 lodges nearby the city, at around 20min. I noticed an opportunity in there since the cabins are in excellent conditions except for the fact that they do not have any furniture in the inside and they have no been attended during the last 3 years. I want to rent them through Airbnb or other platforms but I want you to please recommend me some ''partnership models''. My partner is really interested in renting them and tomorrow I am gonna meet him for the last proposal. If you don't understand what I mean by partnership models let me show the ones that I have for the moment.

1-Renting the property for a fixed price and risking to get more through Airbnb or other platforms during the weekends.

2-Getting a percentage of the income each, and since I am the one who is going to fix it and manage; he's the owner, I was thinking to go 50/50

If someone can give me a different model I would be immensely grateful! Have a great day everyone!