Wilmington, DE investors

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@Gavin Davie good afternoon Gavin, thanks for reaching out. I am just investing in Wilmington. I close on my first property in February. I read some of of your post, I see you also invest in Wilmington. How long have you been doing so? Do you self manage or use a management company?

@Jesse Dejesus I've been investing for 2 years now, I have 2 duplexes in Wilm. I use a property management company - Ideal Property Solutions - run by @Jessica Stiner - can't recommended them enough. I already have a full time job, I don't need another one. 

If you know where to look there are a lot of great rentals (also something Jessica can advise on). Wilmington has some very depressed areas too so be careful if you're not familiar (or maybe that's your investing strategy - I don't judge).

@Gavin Davie Property is located in Hedgeville, not to far from riverfront. My goal is to buy to hold, as long as cash flow is right. I’m just beginning so I have made some mistakes. But I am remaining positive and so far numbers are positive.

Hedgeville didn’t Seem as bad as some other neighborhoods i visited. Some of them reminded me of Brooklyn in the 90’s. Kind of sad to see. Because I don’t reside in New Castle County, I have to use a management company. That in itself has been a little challenging.

I’ve come across two that I’m considering. Have you heard of Rentwell or White Robbins? Good/bad? What is you opinion on Hedgeville? What other areas in that price range would you recommend?

I'd rec Ideal Property Solutions from my previous post (https://www.idealsolutions247....) - I have never heard of either of those you mentioned. Hedgeville is.... ehhh... But again it depends on your strategy. I think a lot of that area is Section 8, which can be very lucrative but high maint. Some prop. mgmt companies won't even manage properties in certain areas of Wilm.