Houston - The Woodlands, investing in rentals

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Hello everyone!

I am looking into "The Woodlands" in Houston, to expand my rental portfolio of SFRs. It will be my first in TX.

Although RE values are relatively low and rent is decent, the RE taxes seem to make everything that I looked at - no go.

Very interested in knowing what was/is your experience in this market and locale, and am open to any and all suggestions, including other communities or even states, if you don't think much of TX.

@Uri E.  

I invest in the Houston Market and my insurance rate is decent. 

I can connect you with my insurance agent if you are looking for new insurance.


@Uri E.

I’ve been looking at the market here in The Woodlands for about a year and a half and decided to buy a rental property (that at the end did a live and flip) that based on my calcs would have been a nice rental. For sure I have not found any property that would fall into the “2%” rule here though.

If you need help with anything here locally feel free to PM me.

@Uri E. you're right, TX property taxes stink.  Lower home prices in nice areas + friendly landlord laws are some of the things that attract people to TX still.

Also, I see you're listed as from Carmel...I LOVE that town.  So many good memories.