Home Depot $39 carpet installation

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Hello everyone! Does anyone have any experience or advice on the Home Depot whole house carpet install for $39.00? I'm looking to do builders grade (or just slightly better) on 3 bedrooms and stairs and this seems to be a good deal.


I worked the flooring dept at home depot for 9 years, we never had that, I have no clue how they are doing it, because the price of the carpet hasn't seemed to go up by that much!

That said, i just had Lowes come throw down carpet in my basement on the $39 deal. Went smoothly, no complaints.

Did it on my daughter's first home.
Fellow college friends rented rooms so we went with the cheapest carpet from recycled Pop bottles & the $37 whole house install but they got us on the stairs.
You wouldnt believe the stains that came out by steam cleaning.
Still in good shape 4 yrs later.

Don't look at the $39, look at the $/SY for carpet and pad, combined. The installation costs are in the inflated pad pice. Builders grade means $15-$18/SY?

Originally posted by Wayne Brooks:
Don't look at the $39, look at the $/SY for carpet and pad, combined. The installation costs are in the inflated pad pice. Builders grade means $15-$18/SY?

I stopped selling carpet in 2004 and the standard pad was $3 a cubic yard. Of course a lot has happened in the 'pad industry' since then. It seems like the new thing is to put a piece of plastic on it and call it stain blocker. But anyhow, I got the middle of the road pad for my basement and it was $3 a cubic yard.

My guess is that prices for carpet and pad have decreased and they have kept the retail price the same and called the labor free. I dunno.

@Paul Nagy it's all in the packaging. Make sure you are bidding "apples for apples". Basic bottom line is what will the cost be, and what am I getting for that price.

I remember seeing a great sign in a store once: Price, Service, Quality. Pick any two.

As a former contractor, I know I received far better service working with a local retailer than the big box stores. In fact, I know very few builders in my area that would ever purchase flooring from a box store.

Finally, in my area, the best installation crews do not work for the box stores.

Good luck!

I do the Lowes whole house install deal too. I've compared it out and the whole house deal is way better - even if you don't need pad at your current place. Padding is roughly $.45 per square foot. I go with the nicer mid-grade frieze which is really comfortable and cleans really well.

I end up paying about $1.80 to $2.00 per sq ft when its all said and done even with the whole house install deal. Either I get dinged extra for the stairs or the tack strip.

But if you buy carpet and pad at menards, you're going to pay about the same plus more for the install and you also have to deal with the contractor yourself. I'd much rather let lowes set up the contractor stuff since its a lot more reliable and if they mess up I know they're fixing it for free.

I've thought about doing laminate more but that ends up $2 for laminate (I can't put in that cheap $1 or $1.50/sq ft stuff - it looks and feels terrible) plus $2 for install.

I'd rather have carpet.

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