Any one used shine pay for laundry app?

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Hi BP! I have been looking for a solution for laundry in my 4 unit and I found this Shine pay bluetooth hardware/phone app that will let tenants scan a qr code to pay for wash or dry cycles in regular residential machines. I like the idea of this solution since I really don't want to invest in expensive commercial machines for this building and I only have 4 single women living there that won't generate boat loads of laundry. Has anyone had experience with this app or something similar?

TY @Chad Hale ! I am now looking into payrange as well they are having a deal on their bluetooth key right now. How many machines did you install it on?

@Patrick M. Free to install. They take a small (couple percent?) percentage of laundry income. It was so small, I didn't care.  The time saved collecting and depositing coins at a bank was a no brainer for me.

@Chad Hale interesting... thanks, it seems like both are very hands off and can run with coins as well.

I put a change machine in during the pandemic so that eliminated any hassle. I do like cash, and I am local to my buildings... so there is zero hassle.

But I like it if I ever automate more and run from a distance. I think it can also justify a higher fee for convenience.

I would do it today if I could charge 50 cents more than coins