What's Going on with Contractors these days

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We decided to wait until this year to start our last 2 projects but we've been having some difficulty finding contractors and trades  for our last 2 property renovations.  I project manage our renos; have a scope of work as well as layouts.  I've done walk-throughs given them the package and don't hear back from anyone.  At least call and say you're too busy.  I can respect that.  Never had this issue pre-covid.  Wondering what's going on???  They're located in Greensboro, NC.  One is a duplex and the other is a single family home.  All our other properties are fully rented and running smoothly.  Anyone else having this issue?  And, secondly, do you know of any reliable contractors and/or trades in the Greensboro, NC area?  Thanks.

Hey Denise,

That's a good question. I'm down in Raleigh and was able to find a contractor to do a reno on my personal residence, but I don't think he'd go up to Greensboro for a job. I can't speak for Greensboro specifically but I think there are just a lot of people doing renos are spending time at home because of COVID and wanting to do renovations. With that increase in demand, contractors can be selective in who they do business with. It may not be anything about your projects specifically, but it could just be too big of a project for them to take on when they know they could make quicker money elsewhere or maybe they prefer to work with an existing client. Keep on reaching out. You may need to offer a bonus structure to incentivize them if time is an issue.