Hello All!

I am looking for new software to better manage my growing portfolio. Currently own/manage 55 units, adding another 20 units this year, and will be doubling in size next year. We have used Mike Butlers Tenant Tracking and Investor Books system for many years. It is a preprogrammed property management company file using quickbooks desktop. This has worked ok for us, but there are some drawbacks. I am looking for a software that has the following capabilities to help us better serve out tenants, and grow as a company:

  • -Calculate water charges based on individual meter readings
  • -Accept maintenance requests online, with ability to send to maintenance staff 
  • -Record hours worked by staff to prepare for billing, classed with location work was performed
  • -Accept online payments
  • -Report of deposited payments based on property location

I have tried using the Buildium trial, this seems to serve most needs. But there is no way of creating custom reports for bank deposits. Additionally the ability to calculate accurate meter charges are limited. I am planning to keep using quickbooks to manage the business side of things (profit, loss, chart of accounts, etc), and would strictly be using this new software for tenant management. 

Any input would be greatly appreciated :D