Student rental horror stories

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During my 4 years in college I stayed in two 10 person houses with my buddies, although there was always something to do all that testosterone inevitably resulted in many holes in the walls and broken doors. I have a pretty good idea of all the crazy things that can happen since I experienced them first hand. I would love to hear what others have experienced! Stories, advice, things to look out for, and what you could have done differently! Any feedback is appreciated. 

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Renting to college students can be tough especially if it's an all-guy house. I definitely recommend collecting the maximum deposit that is allowed in your state and putting parents on the lease as well. If the deposit is not enough to fix up the property, that's when you can try getting more money from their parents if they are on the lease. 

I don't know... With one student rental I've only had a few groups of tenants. The girls are harder on the property than the guys (plumbing) and also more high maintenance. I wouldn't let it scare you away from the niche though. Just have to train them!