Power of Attorney daughter person is suing me

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My rental house caught on fire in Houston. The tenants lost power and so they lit the fireplace. Fire Marshall said the fireplace got so hot for so long that it caused a fire? Anyway. The tenant was older and her daughter is her poa. She had renters insurance. But the daughter is suing me for liability? But no one was hurt and I don’t know that any of her items were lost. The fire went up into the attic. She’s upset that I’m not paying for her mom to be in another house. I don’t have any other property not to mention isn’t that renters insurance is for? 

If the tenant supplied you with proof of her renters insurance you have a source to contact about making a claim on damages (which can also include fees for a place for her to stay) while property is being repaired (with your insurance fire claim).

People can sue for anything at any time. It doesn't mean they are right or they will win.

I assume you've already filed a claim with your insurance company. Let them know about this and let them deal with it. That's why you pay them the big bucks. If the tenant attempts to contact you about this, forward it to the insurance company or their attorney. Don't respond back, at all.