Screening Section 8 Tenants

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How important is a good credit history when screening section 8 tenants? I realize that past evictions would be an issue. Would a poor credit score (500) prevent you from leasing to a perspective tenant? 

A credit score is always important. Especially since the section 8 applicant already won't meet the income requirement. 

Why is the credit score bad. If they missed payments on medical debt I don't worry about that.

However with the current eviction moratorium the guaranteed money of section 8 has become even more valuable. 

@Wayne Smith , I'm not worried about credit score.   I look to see if they owe money to utility companies (must be paid off before I'll approve them) and for the last 24 months, how has their pay history been on their accounts (credit cards, auto loans, etc.).  I'm not so worried about medical debt and student debt.

I also look to see if there are evictions, monies owed to prior landlords, recent bankrupcties.