Insurance want to file 2 claims instead of one.. 2 payouts?

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One peril was vandalism (covered under policy) and another sudden accidental peril (also covered).  The agent mentioned I'd have to pay 2 deductibles which I'm fine with, so I ask if I get paid out twice my coverage $15k per claim on the same property = $30k.  He said yes, but now the adjuster (not public and chosen by insurance), wants to limit it to one coverage to one payout "since despite it being 2 separate claims, it was discovered on the same property at the same time."

Does this sound right?  I'm in NJ and understand each state is different, thank you.

Nobody can really answer this for you. The insurance company makes the call and what my insurer does may be different than yours.

Are you saying they want to cover both claims but under one claim instead of two?