Tenant landlord help michigan

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I need help!! So my wife gave her apartment building. A 30 day notice. However she request if the rent can be prorated since she will be out before the 30 days. The manager of the building advised her to not pay the rent due for now and wait until her upper management gives an answer on whether she can prorate the rent or have to pay the full amount.

And so she waited and now they have sent her to debt collection because their stating that because she didn't pay the last 30 day rent it's considered a insufficient notice and she owes the rent amount and another amount same as rent for the penalty.

And the manager who habdled all this is on vacation until Monday. But the debt collection ants a answer this week. There is no documentation of what the manager advised my wife to do it was verbal. How can we resole this issue?? Thank you so much for anyone input.

Always get agreements in writing, otherwise it's your word against theirs.

The only way to resolve it is get that manager to admit what they agreed to or take it to court and try to prove your case to the judge.