Owner occupying a permitted recreation room in a duplex

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Hey everyone! I have a question regarding a deal in the works for Duplex with a permitted rec room in Los Angeles.

Both units in the duplex are rented out and we don’t plan on relocating the tenants. The goal would be to move into the permitted rec room below the second unit.

The rec room is attached to the garage, has its own private entrance, a kitchenette, a full bath, and its own 1/2 address. What’s weird is... title is showing that this property is zoned as a Triplex but it is being sold as a duplex w/ permitted rec room.

The goal would be to get permits to expand the unit into the adjacent garage (which is current used as storage). I have a few questions that I’m hoping someone can answer.

Is it a bad idea to live in the rec room without first getting it approved as an ADU?

The current tenants are using the garage as storage for their junk. Are we allowed to ask them to remove their stuff from the garage so we can use it?

The rec room is only permitted to have a 1/2 bath and kitchenette, however the unit had a shower and gas hook ups for an oven. Would we need to demolish before trying to get it permitted?

I’ve included some pics of the outside of the units and some interior pics of the rec room. Thanks guys


Los Angeles has tons of weird properties with inconsistent title report, unpermitted units etc. If you're the one that's staying there you have much less to worry about. Honestly, I might just leave things as it is @John Narmontas . It's a unique case, usually you permit the garage on its own and for MFH's, technically you need to convert non-livable space like boiler room or laundry room that kind and a rec room would be a livable space.

For the garage, it depends on what the lease w/ the tenants say. If it say they're allowed to use that or they're paying extra for it then you'd need to revise the lease. If it's a handshake thing, I'd go with the asking nicely approach first.