Need some experienced advice!

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Alright so, I have a 3/3 double that I’ve been literally having issue after issue. This is my first rental property btw, so I’ve been learning a lot through the process. Although this situation here I need to get some advice from you more experienced landlords. 

So first I’ll start off with my tenants. The lower unit has been in the house since May of last year and pays on time every month with the exception of his 3 month jail stint where he went MIA with no means of communication in the heart of an eviction momentorium. Luckily I got a call from him basically updating me on his situation and him honoring his past due rent letting me know he will catch on it. So he did catch up on it and everything has been nice and smooth. Until recently he gives me a call and tells me that he has a roommate and she will be paying me her portion of the rent. So I immediately call him and let him know that he is the one responsible for the rent. On top of that he is subletting my house without my permission. I got to the bottom of it and apparently she has been there for a couple months and now she doesn’t want to pay “her” portion. Not my problem and that’s what I’ve told the tenant. Since then I’ve told the tenant that he is responsible for the entire rent and I’ve gotten no response from him.

Alright so the tenant upstairs is a want to be home owner. Thinks she can make repairs on her own and then throw them in my face when something isn’t working in her favor. There has been numerous repairs that I’ve had to make on the house since owning it. In December I had to get a sun pump and drain lines drilled that cost me a little over 8k. She held rents from me for an entire month until the install date. Also threatened me that she would call lawyers etc. That set me back huge and I still got to hear the banter about how they feel I don’t take care of my house. In which I always handle things as soon as they call me and I figure out what’s going on. So that eased things for a while until I get pictures of the ducts hanging down from the basement. In which it almost looks like somebody pulled them apart but I can’t 100% call it. So she complains about the heat not coming out etc . Downstair guy says that his heat blows fine. Cool, so I get a company to come out to see what’s going on. They tell me I need new duct work in the basement and also return vents. They also tell my customer that there is asbestos wrapped around the ducts. So that just set her into a frenzy. 

Fast forward to after all the quotes, with the removal of the asbestos and new duct work I’m looking at just under 15k for everything. I’m fine with taking care of repairs but I feel like this is an great opportunity to start fresh and get some new tenants. Thru this whole process I’ve gotten threatened by lawyers etc and I do nothing but try and remedy the situation. For example regarding the heat I offered the lady upstairs $150 off the rent and to send her several space heaters since she said the heater wasn’t blowing hard due to the install company not being able to come out within a month.

My only fear is that I do all these repairs and they still create more problems for me. On top of that I haven’t received any rent for this month. I need some serious advice, please help me out BG fam, Thank you!

For the tenant who had the jail stint, I think you should enforce the lease on him. He is violating the lease if he is not paying the rent. You can post a notice of pay or quit. And if you don't hear anything, then you can proceed with eviction. 

For the heater issues, I would try to get to the bottom of it and have a conversation with the tenants. Let them know that its not working out between you two and that she can find some other unit to rent since this is not working out. Finding a new tenant is always a challenge but if you are taking care of your property then you should be fine. This is all part of doing business. 

OK.  AFter reading the above, more than once, I still can't find any of the only important info...the number$.

1 - What did you buy it for (out of pocket, as in Down Payment, ONLY).  

2 - What have been the total cash outlay so far (not the future).  

3 - What is the property worth right now if you sold it?

Regarding the tenants: as soon as you can get them gone, get them gone. If they have leases, don't renew when they expire and give them the proper vacate notice.