Best places to list rental for Section 8

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I have a duplex in Denver with a Section 8 tenant upstairs. This was my first S8 tenant and it's been a good experience; I love not worrying about getting rent. I advertised on, but have only had one response in 2 days. Does anyone recommend other sites to advertise for Section 8 or other housing programs? Thanks for your input!

It is a little early, you should get a few more responses, or, pay the extra cost to reach out to Section 8 tenants directly on  I think it is $70 for one month's access, it is worth it if you can get higher rents. 

The other options are Zillow and Facebook Marketplace, but you will get Section 8 and non-Section 8 tenants. 

@Christina Verretta Anywhere non-Section 8 tenants look for rentals (i.e. Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, etc), Section 8 tenants will be looking there also.  I don't even advertise for them and I always get a TON of them inquiring when I advertise in those places.  

I bet you'd really get a lot of inquiries if you put something like "Section 8 welcome" in your ad.