Looking for Property manager in Pittsburgh

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I Live in NY and recently purchased a duplex in PGH and have been renovating the units. As I look to put the units back on the market Ive decided it was easiest to use a PM as I am remote.

Looking for recommendations on a solid PM company! in the Pittsburgh area - The  duplex is in lawrencville area

@Matt Simpson & @David Coleman - Hello to you both!  I strongly recommend Riva Ridge.  Every time I try and share info here, the BP filters flag it.  But if you Google Riva Ridge property management you should be able to find it.  If needed, I can DM you both.  

I've been an investor for about five years in Pittsburgh and I have worked with three PM companies.  Two were beyond terrible and one (Riva) has been great.  Let me know if you need more info.