Should I sell home on septic tank now

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I purchase a property for 136k quickly from a wholesaler not knowing all the issues it came with 19 months back. It is originally single family built in 1961. Previous owner converted to duplex and managed to get all gas, electric, water etc separate meters eventhough back yard does not have enough room for 2 unit field lines. Also this property downhill and rain water from street getting accoumulated and messed up septic field lines and crawlspace. Till now i spent below money

1. 30k to replace septic system to advanced elgin system to put septic field lines in front yard and put electric motor to pump septic water through crawlspace through crawlspace. Finally got approved by county 6 months back

2. spent 10k on crawlspace cleaning and insulation and putting sump pumps

3. 20k to change all electrical circuits and breakers and wiring and brought upto code and approved by county

4. 10k on the new plumbing in crawlspace

5. About 10k on HVAC and other repairs

6. 10k on refinancing property from hard money interest only loan 7.75% loan to 2.99% bank loan for 15 year term about 1 month back. Appraisal came at 194k at that time

7. I still may need to spend about 10k to build trench/french drain to divert away water and about 10k to upgrade old hvac and 10k more if i decide to move hvac from crawlspace to attic by putting new duct work not sure what other major items may come at what time)

Now to sell i have to pay 10k to realtor.

So my bottom line with just these expenses 226k (not to mention 20% interest i am paying on credit cards for 50k which i used for down payment to hard money lender who gave 0% APR and now increased to 20%)

One side 1 year lease tenant pays 915$ with one year lease ends September 2021

other side month to month 850$ having hard time collecting rent these days as she cannot speak English and introduced husband who is communicating with me(who is not in original lease and does not want to come to lease says not staying there but seems he stays there) giving all lies and hard times. Now put a property manager last month to deal with this month to month who can speak tenant language

With all these headaches i am thinking is it worth selling or keeping?

I tried to connect to city sewer but city rejected as sewer line very far and need to go through neighbors lot and also city main line is at very height position

I tried to sell 6 months back with one realtor. She brought one interested FHA loan customer for 194k but his FHA bank appraisal only came 170k and could not proceed. Investors offered that time low amount. So i decided to keep some more time with me

By the way i am realtor but not actively doing realtor work but focusing on investments and full time job.

How to arrange showings without in convenience to tenants?

Please advise what should i do.

My god what was the intent for this property when you purchased it? Long term cash-flow rental? Flip? What was the projected ARV?

In my opinion you paid a lot for this rehab and septic tank issue. Like way OVER PAID on a few of those projects. I'm guessing it was a full gut rehab.