Hey BP network!

There have been a lot of forums on Renters Insurance. This is something I am implementing as a requirement (better late than never).😉

In case this is of help for some of you I thought I would share the letter I am using to notify my current tenants. Feel free to use this or modify it as your see fit. Drumroll......

Hi {Tenant Name}!

One of the requirements of your new lease is that you must maintain at least $100,000 (or $300,000) per occurrence of personal liability insurance. The most common way to do this is with a renter’s insurance policy.

Renters Insurance is relatively inexpensive. The average cost of renter's insurance begins about $10 a month for around $30,000 worth of property coverage and $100,000 worth of liability coverage. Rates and coverage’s may vary.

Renter’s Insurance policies are designed to cover YOU in the event of loss to your personal property and protect you in the event you are responsible for injury or property damage to others in your rented Home. Renter’s insurance will cover all or a portion of a loss to such items as your furniture, your appliances, your electronic equipment, your CD/DVD collection, computer, clothes and other personal items. Renters Insurance also typically covers Loss of Use and Medical Payments. I have attached a Renters Insurance Tool Kit which explains the coverage’s and benefits.

The landlord’s policy does not cover any damages to your personal property arising from fires, leaks, and other unforeseen events.


All adult residents living in the unit must be named on the policy.

You must name the lessor as “additional interest” on this policy. This means the insurance company would notify the lessor in the event of a lapse or cancellation. “Additional interest” and “Interested Party” are the only acceptable designations. The additional interest should read as follows:

Landlord Name, Street Address, City , State, Zip Code

Please provide a copy of the declarations page of your policy meeting the requirements listed above prior to moving in (or renewing your lease.)

This is an important component of your lease and failure to maintain the required coverage will be considered a breach of the lease and is subject to any and all legal remedies.