Tenant Notified me of Partial Payment

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I am very new to being a landlord (less than a year) and my tenant just informed me they will not be able to pay the full rent on the 1st of next month.  They said they'd be able to pay only ~1/4 of the amount ($2,000/mo) on the 1st and they are looking to get assistance via friends/family as well as the state's Rental Assistance Program.  I have worked with the Rental Assistance program before when the tenant first moved in and when I reached out to the contacts there, they mentioned it would take minimum 2 weeks to get any sort of checks issued.

I have been reading a bit on several different websites/forums that have information specific to my state (MA) and they basically all said to issue a notice to quit (either 14 or 30 day) on the 2nd of the month.  I am unsure if this is necessary but would like to hear opinions of more experienced landlords.

Any advice for a new landlord in this semi-tricky situation would be greatly appreciated!

@Evan Franco did the tenants provide you with the cdc declaration or a state form similar to the cdc declaration?  If so, follow the procedures according to the guidance provided by the cdc and ensure that the tenants are adhering to them.  In my view it is important to remind the tenants what the obligations are.  For example, the leaseholder must sign the cdc dec and provide it to the landlord.  The tenant must make a rent payment as close to the actual rent as their circumstances allow.