Maintenance Technician Sourcing

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What are some best practices in finding maintenance techs for your properties? I just came on board with a property management group and I need some ideas on how to recruit talent!


We've found that word of mouth referrals seem to always work best.

Our second options when we need vendors is to scour the internet for vendors and read through their reviews for insight. We also go by how professional they are on the phone and we have questions for them, such as what is their billing cycle, scope of work and level of expertise.

Visiting the house and driving around to see if there are vendors outside working is a good method, since landscapers and handymen tend to work in a specific area. They sometimes leave their cards on the doors of the houses in those areas. 

We sometimes use websites that specialize in vendor referrals, but we find these vendors to be a bit expensive as well they don't always provide the level of service the site promises. Our agency has a dedicated vendor referral program but again these vendors pay into the program so there's no vetting process, any vendor able to pay into it can join.

All in all nothing can beat going through the motions yourself and coming to find vendors who you know and trust through working directly with them. It can take years but in time you'll be able to build your vendor list, and even then you'll always want to keep an eye out for new and good vendors. You can streamline this by keeping track of all of the vendors you encounter and keeping notes on them, keep the good ones and leave the others out of the line up.

Hope this helps.