Need advice on AirBNB tiny home on a lake

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I am going to look at a property this weekend out on the lake. It is a tiny home and doesn't have a title. I want to purchase the property and AirBNB it out. I am in Texas and have never AirBNBed a property so I'm not sure how it works, what type of insurances I will need, or if I need a title for it. If anyone has any advice or experience on this subject I would greatly appreciate it!

Interested on the replies. I have been on the other end where a person who runs an AirBNB rented my home for a year. Now I’m looking for another investment property to run one myself. I will say having a title is a must for me when buying property. How else can you truly prove you are the owner if someone else pops up in a year and claims it belongs to them! 

Title part is perhaps an issue.  Might be tough to resale without title?

Why no title?

Does the land it is on have clear title?

Are you just buying the tiny home and then need a place to put it?  That can be an issue too.

Do you have access to cleaners who will clean after each visit?

Are you going to hire out management, or self manage?

Anyone else around have AirBnB properties?  How does yours compare?