Removing Month-Month Tenants in 2021

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We are in the process of purchasing a multi-family unit. There are currently month-to-month tenants in one of the units that we would like to renovate and live in. They have been month to month for nearly 8 months and it appears they recently swapped out one of their roommates. 

How would I go about asking them to terminate their contract and leave? We would be happy to give them up to 60 days notice, but we definitely would prefer if they left. Should I just simply send them an e-mail and ask for them to leave? Should I do something through my lawyer? Do I have to offer them a new contract for them to turn down?

I am a bit concerned about the eviction memorandum and if I bother them too much they could potentially squat and not pay rent (They are currently paying) 


Issue them 60 days notice of non-renewal consistent with local laws. If you are concerned about doing it right you have a real estate lawyer for the sale who should be able to assist with proper notice. No gaurantee they will leave though.