How to deny two short term tenants

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Hi Everyone,

We are renting to traveling nurses and I had two nurses apply for one unit. One application came back with an eviction, bankruptcy, late payments, and low credit score. The other came back with a low 600 credit score and everything else looks good.

Obviously we are denying them. My question is how should I handle denying them and giving the info out? Do I email them separately or together? Would I tell one person we are not accepting their application based on criteria not being met and then tell the eviction application we are denying her for that reason? Or would I send them both an email together saying the criteria wasn’t met?

Basically, I want to make sure I’m legally doing/saying everything correctly.

Traveling nurse rentals are somewhere in between Airbnb and long term renting and so I’m trying to figure out the middle ground here.

Thank you!


You need to read california laws to see what it says. But I would send a separate letter to each outlining why you declined them. Do not reveal personal info to the other tenant

if you decline based in credit you need to send a copy of the credit report and the service you used may provide this service  

Really suggest you spend some time reading up on landlord tenant law in CA. 

@Mary M.

Thank you for your response! Our property is in AZ. I’ve been going over the laws and I just want to be prepared on what to say to the other applicant in case she asks why. Never gone through denying two different applicants based on one persons application.

@Account Closed You will want to read up on Adverse Action letters; you may be required to send one to the applicant you are rejecting. In some cases, you are also required to send one to any applicant you accept if you are requiring additional deposit, etc. State laws will play a big part in how you handle things also. I would send any communication separately to cover yourself with regard to privacy. 

It is my understanding of the FCRA that you DO NOT send them a copy of their credit report. Instead, if credit issues are causing the rejection, reference the credit bureau you used, and how to contact them.

Do not reveal their credit score or any derogatory information therein--just state that the rejection was in part based on their credit report from (name of bureau).

Send a personalized letter to both of them.  Do not discuss the exact reasons for rejection; ie: state 'a search of court records' as opposed to 'you were evicted'.   

*FCRA = Fair Credit Reporting Act

I would read up on the landlord - tenant laws in your state. Even consult a realtor or property manager in your area who can provide you advise. Definitely don't include them on 1 email. 

Definitely refer to your specific landlord/tenant laws in Arizona; however, here in Alabama at a management company, we send a certain letter in order to not get too involved and held liable for misinterpretation. We send a letter of denial with check boxes in general categories of why they were denied as well as a phone number to call through a third party that can give them more info and let them receive a credit report. If they call, we will go over our criteria again that they may have not met. 

There has to be something for the individual owner to make it easier.  I am sure they know some of what is in their credit report. We state the criteria up front, but they still try to apply. Some will try individual owners because they have been denied by management companies and apartments.