Real estate investing

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@Lucas Gibson Join a local LL org in your area and attend their networking events which we will be able to have in the coming months. They generally have informative presentors and you will have the opportunity to meet all kinds of helpful folks in person.

@Lucas Gibson I would consider working as a leasing agent for a large and reputable management company for 1-3 years. The larger the property or portfolio the better. This is the fastest and most effective way to learn about property management.

@Lucas Gibson I agree with the comments above. Working for a large management company would be your best case scenario to learn the correct way to do it. As I mentioned, I have a small operation with my property but I am happy to sit down with you one day and show you what I do and answer any questions you may have.  

@Lucas Gibson - To truly be a successful investor, you need to cultivate the right mindset and be a constant learner. Most people live in fear, forced to work a 9 to 5 to maintain their standard of life. Fearful of being late, getting reprimanded at their job and losing their source of sustenance. You run into the same situation with "wanna be" investors. They love the idea of real estate investing but are paralyzed by the fear of making mistakes, losing money, the unknown. I personally lived in the state of fear for 7 years while I worked a W2 and finally had enough.

You need to be willing to take massive action and become a better version of yourself every day. Read, network, save, and work every day to becoming the person you envision you can be. Success will follow. 

@Lucas Gibson hi. I just read The Wealthy Gardner which had a little bit of a different take on finance and thought process and planning your goals and your vision for the future. I downloaded it onto my kindle for $8.99 I think but the print version was about the same. My advice would be to continue with your education through reading the books here on BP and the ones people will recommend when someone asks for book recommendations.