Low-cost driveway / draining solution?

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Hi all,

I recently acquired my first rental, a 4-plex in Lakewood. I'm trying to get the garage to a rentable state, and currently there's a grass/dirt driveway that creates two problems: (1) minor water seepage under the garage door, and (2) the driveway can get muddy during the wet season and the interested tenant says she'd want that addressed before renting it.

I have two questions for the community that I'm hoping for some insight on!

(1) What is the best economical solution to this problem? Some ideas: gravel driveway, french drain installation.

(2) Given the solution, what are thoughts on DIY'ing this project vs. hiring someone? Is it easy to figure out on my own?

Thanks so much for any insight!!

@Charles Johnson Its hard to say what to do without knowing the specifics like grade and soil type. But the gravel or crushed granite would probably be your best economical solution for the driveway. I also prefer surface drains to French drains. Right in front of the garage you can put a full length channel drain with grating and maybe French drains along the side. You could do it yourself but I would find a company that will warrant their work. That way if it doesnt work they will come back and find a way to fix it. Much better solution than doing it yourself and getting it wrong only to have to re-do everything.