I allow appropriately neutered/spayed cats, and dogs that are not puppies, and that are not on my insurer's prohibited dog list.  But I've recently become aware that a lot of tenants with small dogs are not walking the dogs.  They claim that the dogs use puppy pads in the house.  My experience when one of these units turns over is that the unit's flooring is ruined by dog urine and that there is dog feces present in the unit.  So I've learned to ask, "Does the dog go on puppy pads in the house?"  If the answer is a shocked, "NO!  He does everything outside!", that's good.  If they say, "Oh yes.  He goes on the puppy pads", then I won't take them, because I figure that if the dog is  peeing and pooping in the house on pads, then they're probably gonna go anywhere in the house, except their own bed or cage.  I just never had thought of a dog as being litter-box trained, like a cat.  

Am I wrong?  I'm turning down a lot of potentially good tenants, other than the fact that they have little dogs who go on pads indoors.  Has anyone had a good outcome with tenants whose dogs use puppy pads indoors, rather than being appropriately completely housebroken?