Can I evict tenants for renovating my property without permission

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Hey everyone just looking for advice I'm in Montreal Quebec and am having issues with my tenants refusing the rent increase because they renovated my property without my authorization nor me even knowing and they feel they can refuse my rent increase because they feel they payed for the renovations that I should be thankful and they won't be accepted any rent increases and are refusing to speak with us. If anyone has any advice on the laws of a tenant renovating a property without permission, it is my understanding this is illegal what they did and I should be able to file for eviction.

@Curtis Sharpe You have a reason to evict because they are not paying the proper rent and not communicating-I presume your lease says something about that. As to the unauthorized rehab/repair if they fixed a sewer line or replaced a water heater that is probably OK for them to do; If they installed a hot tub in the living room-not OK. Either way you will need a lawyer to evict like @Taylor L. said above. All the best!

Finding a lawyer is not necessarily the answer. 

I would get rid of them. If their lease is up for renewal or they are on a month-to-month, I would give them a notice of non-renewal and get them out.

If they are under a term lease, I would give them notice of the lease violation (renovations without permission), and I would require them to hire a licensed, professional contractor to return the property back to its original condition within XX days subject to my inspection. At the same time, I would notify them of the rent increase. They could accept those terms, pass the inspection, and stay at the higher rate, or they can give written notice of their intent to vacate in 30 days or less and face eviction if they refuse.

This is scary. Why did they do renovations without your permission? That is already a violation. 

I would increase the rent and ask them to vacate if they don't want to pay.