Has anyone ever forcibly removed a tenant in Ontario?

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Hi to all the BP community!

New to the real estate game as I just purchased my first duplex. The tenant was supposed to be served the N12 form from the seller when I purchased it back in January so I could take possession 60 days from then. Turns out the tenant was served the wrong form. She has now been served the correct one and I am waiting again. I am now trying to get the tenant to pay and rent which he is having no part of. Now due to covid I have learned that the landlord/tenant board is months behind and could be awhile before anything happens. So my question is would it be better to lose all that rent and watch him destroy the unit or take the penalties of taking it into my own hands which could be cheaper I think? Has anyone ever done this? Any help would be great!

Never take matters into your own hands. You will get so screwed. You will piss the tenant off and he will stay there even longer. Play your cards right, hire the right attorney