Sell multifamily home or Rent?

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I think I am in a unique situation. Few years ago I took a leap of faith and got into multifamily investment and I think I ended up investing lot more than I should have not fully knowing what I was getting into. Midway I realized it’s not my forte and I don’t have the right mindset managing tenants and property besides hiring a property manager did not make any financial sense. I gradually learned my ropes last couple of years but then now I need to relocate to another state due to my job.

While I did learn my ropes, I still don’t quite enjoy managing tenants and property and think managing the property from remotely will be a gargantuan task.

I am still feeling a little confused whether to sell or continue renting and manage from remotely. I will appreciate your inputs.


Peter, why don't you ask your local network for property manager recommendations and just have the PM manage the property?  You then wouldn't have to sell the property, nor worry about managing from a distance.