Ceiling fan..to keep or not to keep? Rental property.

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I’m going to rehab my rental unit. I want to remove the popcorn ceiling and thinking what to do with the ceiling fan. Just one less thing to fix if it breaks in a rental. Any thoughts?

When it comes to rehab I think it is kinda key to understand the demographic you're renting to.  I don't think either having or not having a fan will fetch more rent, but if you're in a nicer class unit, tenants tend to be less "hard" on properties and things like fans have a longer lifespan.  All my property is in hot climate, so I like putting low cost fans in all the rooms. 

As far as removing popcorn goes, we've done both painted the popcorn and removed it.  So far, the painted popcorn looks good.  At the end of the day it's a matter of preference, so long as the unit looks clean, that's what really sells the tenant.  The rental market is hot right now so it probably wont matter, but in normal times, I like to pay a bit extra to get a 2-tone paint (tan/white trim) to make the unit stand out a bit, but again, just preference - I don't think either get you more in rent. 

I put ceiling fans in all my master bedrooms and family/living rooms, it's normal here in B class. I've haven't had anyone break them, but I did have to replace a $2 pull chain once.

For my rentals -- definitely mid-range -- we remove popcorn and have ceiling fans in every room.  

It definitely increases desirability for our tenants and if they break, well that's what the damage deposit is for.

Popcorn removal is such a pain, but SO worth it! 

For the ceiling fan, I think you should keep it- especially if it is in the bedroom. Tenants who pay utilities themselves might appreciate the fan to cut back on cost of having AC running. An old fan is more likely to break or need repairs. You probably won't have to make repairs on a new fan (for a few years at least). 

I'm with Eric that it has to do with who you're renting to. If you're confident your clientele will take good care of the property then it's a nice touch to the property that will add to the rentability; although I doubt it will translate to more dollars. Personally, I try to remove as many things that can break from my units.

Ceiling fans are pretty popular around here but I hate them in rentals.  Can't tell you how many fan switches I've had to replace from tenants yanking on them.  I've even had a four blade fan turn into a three blade one when a tenant had moved out.  Around here you'll find them everywhere; in kitchens, hallways; I've taken them down in living rooms after I purchased a house and realized that heavy sucker was NOT attached to anything solid; just screwed into a ceiling years earlier.  I once saw one that was hung in a small bathroom.  

Lately I've just been removing them UNLESS it happens to be an older house where a particular room has no actual light switch on the wall and the only way to turn on a light is through the pull cord on the fan.

First I want to say thanks to everyone that responded! But second...Im more torn now on what to do!! hahahah. Its in the kitchen, bed room and living room....ughhhh 

Originally posted by @Eric Fung :

First I want to say thanks to everyone that responded! But second...Im more torn now on what to do!! hahahah. Its in the kitchen, bed room and living room....ughhhh 

The only way to know what you like is to make a decision and see what your experience is. The first unit I bought I added a washer and dryer and bumped the rent up $50. Hindsight, it was a nice touch, but since then I've never included washer/dryers and units have rented well. Same money, cheaper overhead; nothing great or terrible happened - just learned my preference.


@Eric Fung   I would keep them, a lot of people request them if they aren't there.  It's an added bonus for a property and could even make the difference between someone choosing your property over another one.  They're fairly reasonably priced now so it won't break the bank if it should need to be replaced. Keep in mind if a tenant damages it, you can charge them to replace it!

I have taken ceiling fans out many times, but in general tenants like them. They are nice to have in the master bedroom and living room. I have had tenants ask to add them and even pay the cost. You can buy decent fans for $100, so replacement cost isn't really a big issue. I have had to replace three fans over the years for actually going bad. in one case the tenant said it was an emergency because his wife had to have the fan to sleep at night, haha. 

Good stuff everyone. Thanks for all the input. I think @Samuel Proctor is right. Make a decision, see what happens. Worst case it’s not that expensive to replace. Seems like there’s some demand from the tenants wanting them so I’m going to keep them. Thanks everyone who responded!