HELP Interpreting Inspection

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Inspection reports have to be taken with a grain of salt and in most cases are completely useless. Most of the issues shown are what I call NBD (No Big Deal), but you may be able to use them to get a price concession on contribution for repair.

I do not see as an issue wit the mold. It is isolated and can be remediated very easily. There is/was definitely a water leak. This can be seen in the photos showing stains from the roof and the moisture throughout, including the mold.  Water leaks are serious and that needs to be addressed. Ask the owner about them.

The electrical - put in a GFI in the kitchen and use some wire nuts on the unterminated wire in the attic.

Assuming a new woof is not needed, you may have 5K-8K in repairs

@Matthew Tregoning I am a home inspector in the Orlando area and I actually use the same spectora software, I think this inspector did a great job in finding many issues withheld home……one thing to keep in mind when interpreting an inspection, especially for an investor is that we are just showing you the real and true condition of the home, it points out to a lot of people that may not know otherwise what kind of underlying issues are in a home, don’t look at it like a fault finding mission (even though it is) but the faults we look for is just to show you what you are really up against, it ultimately up to you how to proceed and if you want to handle the issues that the inspector found, I hope that helps.

I think if I were selling a house I'd at least flush the toilet :)

There are mold remediation companies that can test and/or address the mold for you. If you don't mind getting your hands dirty you may be able to remediate a lot of that yourself with either bleach & antimicrobial. Don't use the $10 test kit from the hardware store (it doesn't work well).