How can I protect Other landlord from a bad tenants

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Hey Guys I am from Greater Grand Rapids, MI area Got a tenant who literally uses small scale home owners and not pay rent on time and sometimes even refused. I inherited her when I bought the house and later realized she was playing games with the other landlord other landlord didn't tell me about this until after I closed. she's now playing similar game with me and seems like the courts system is helping her to do this. Is there anyway I can alert other home owners about her to avoid falling in the same pitfall? 

@Ebrima Drammeh the best way to deal with someone like this is to do an eviction when she isn't paying then it is on her record in the courts.  Also to be honest with any landlord who bothers to call you.  Landlord who run checks will find the court record and not rent to her.

Thanks Colleen F. Seems like she knows how to play the system pretty well and I have taken her to court and she missed court date twice but she filed motion to set aside judgement and judge just issued her with another 30days for a different hearing. So by then she might just go and the eviction wouldn't even appear on her record but thanks for your suggestion. 

If she leaves and you are out any money make sure you take her to small claims, you will most likely win but may have issues collecting.  This will stay on her record however to be the scarlet letter you are looking for.  I am all for vengeance and people getting their karma but keep in mind this is going to take some time and a little bit of money.  The theme here for most people seems to be let it go and focus your efforts on other things but there are plenty of people that post that this worked out, sometimes several years later when the ex tenant is trying to clear their credit to buy a home.  I haven't really had the opportunity thankfully where the amount owed after leaving was worth my time but have no issues stating I am a man of principal and sometimes petty and would go for it, especially if I thought they wronged me just to make life more difficult.  If I happen to get any money out of it that's just icing on the cake.  Many people operate the way they do based on the fact that they have never had to face consequences, if more people were like you it would be harder for people like this to get away with this and may act as more of a deterrent.  At the least the next person was warned as long as they did their due diligence and if not that's on them.  

I had a renter/guy a few months back that I told to quit smoking pot inside. He got pissed and told me how he was going to cost me a whole lot of money and drag things out. I went to a lawyer and she explained to me how things are going to go. She said he will be out in less than 50 days and that was including the 30 day notice. She gave the renter a 30 days notice with no reason. Not needed in Michigan. The renters daughter called me at about day 27 with her sob story. I explained the her what my lawyer said. He was out in 30 days.

Had a hard time following the story, maybe not enough coffee this AM.  But if you want other landlords to know about the poor performance of a tenant the only way to do so is by suing/evicting and that way it will pop up on background checks.  If you report to credit b. you can do that too.