Vacant apartment high electricity bill!

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Woah that's insane, sorry to hear that.

My energy company also offers a service contract in spite of the service contract they charged me a $250 diagnostics fees when ac went down but your bill just takes it to the next level

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My apartment has been vacant last couple of months.The first vacant the electric utility bill came around $150 and I noticed that the central AC furnace was on so I turned it off immediately but to my shock the second vacant month the bill came around $250.

Barring a refrigerator nothing is on in the apartment, my apartment utility bill is

lower than that where the appliances including central ac run frequently. Any thoughts on what could be causing this spike in utility bill?appreciate your inputs.



how about this bill for 4 days.  Vacant house 

 Clearly someone messed up with that reading.  Even looking at the numbers (8463-8482) vs kwh used (99981), someone messed up big time. 

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@Michael Plante is that what they claim as an actual?  did you get a new reading?  Was this in error? That is insane!


I called they said they have no idea what happened and corrected it