Ideas for investing rental Cashflow.

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Question for buy and hold investors..After putting money aside for reserves, what do you do with excess cash from your rentals?

1. Use it as downpayment to acquire more rentals?

2. Use it to payoff mortgage on existing rentals?

3. Use cash for Private money lending?

4. Push money into Other asset classes like stocks or Index Universal/Whole life policies?

5. Just let money sit in the bank for liquidity?

Would love to connect and learn from other smart investors on how you manage money for generating returns on idle cash from rentals.

Some is set aside for maintenance and CAPEX and taxes and insurance. Remember when you bought the property you set a 'budget' that put money in those categories? You should first, before anything else, put that budgeted money aside because the day will come that those budget categories will come knocking at your door.

My properties are all paid off, mostly bought with cash.  If not that would be a priority for me-pay off the highest interest rate debt first.

Some of mine is 'live off' money.  I am retired and planned on this as income.

Some is used to buy and rehab another property.