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Hi All - I currently live in Atlanta Georgia and am looking to get into Airbnb preferably in the Southeast. A little about myself, I have done consulting for the past 10 years (internal and external) and I currently own three properties. Two cash flowing townhomes and a third primary residence that’s being built (closing in a month and half). With COVID boom, this property has already appreciated $70+K which is great.

Anyways, I would like to add to my real estate portfolio but am looking to go a little bigger and take more risk and increase cash flow. I like the idea of Airbnb / short term rentals. I really like the Destin area but am open to the whole Southeast. I’d love to hear people’s experience in how to get started, where to focus my efforts, and the best way to get an education on short term Airbnb rentals. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also new to this BP but happy to connect 1:1 if needed. Thanks!

@Khurram Thobhani

Welcome to BP!

STR's are doing quite well in Destin ( Including the appreciation). It is a different niche & can be lots of fun getting into. I always tell people, pick a place you would want to vacation but also consider the long term of str laws etc. In a city dependent on rentals, the laws should stay in your favor vs a city that might also have different booming industries (i.e. Atlanta, Dallas, etc)
I will send you over some links to what has helped my previous investors dive into this market.

Best of luck to you! 

@Louis Zameryka if you're considering a beach STR, and there is nothing familial tying you to Gulf Shores, I think you'll see better performance year-over-year in Destin. The density of vacationers down here is second to none. You'll stay fully occupied for longer in the panhandle. And realize that "Destin" generally extends east into Crystal Beach, Miramar Beach, Sandestin, 30A, Rosemary Beach, and I'd even consider Panama City Beach as an up and coming opportunity!

Any of these gentlemen in this forum are investor friendly agents. We’re all in the game!

Originally posted by @Candace Pfab :

I can help you learn more about investing in the Gulf Shores area.  We have been investing in this area since 2009 and help a lot of BP first time out of state investors!

I would love to talk to you! It would be a privilege to learn from you!

The places you mention are all good for STR. There's also Blue Ridge GA near you that gets a lot of ATL traffic. I hear the numbers there are becoming comparable to Smoky mountains...also super hot.

Hey Gerald! Congrats on jumping in to STRs. I live and operate as an agent in north Georgia. My family and I have several short term rentals in Blue Ridge, Smoky Mountains TN, and Miramar Beach. All fantastic markets with different strengths. You're right in targeting the southeast. The numbers are fantastic.

Feel free to connect with me if you'd like more insight into Blue Ridge. I personally believe that it still has the most available margin to capture vs. the other two markets I'm in. It's getting hotter and more competitive though!